Application Development

Application Development Penang Malaysia

Windows Application

Windows ApplicationWindows (Microsoft Windows operating system) has the wide range of computer users in worldwide. Computers with Windows operating system are still widely used in most business field.

With flexibility of application design in Windows, applications in Windows play some main roles in your business. Proper utilized of Windows Application helps you to well control on your business, grows and expands.

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Comm Port CommunicationComm Port / USB Port Communication

Besides of office business usage, Windows application serve well in communicate with plenty of electronic / electrical hardware, such as fingerprint reading devices, card reader devices, barcode reading devices and more. These devices serve the purposes of getting measurement / sensor reading, testing result or even instruct it to perform specific task on scheduled time.

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CSV / Excel Data Import

CSV Excel ImportOffice or factory employee depend a lot on Excel too. They use Excel for production material planning data, financial planning data, lead time and efficiency report.. etc.

But when you need some complicated calculation of formula, Excel is not the easy tools for them to use. Therefore, this is why we are here to help. By importing all Excel data into programmable databases, they could analysis and generate report with simple clicks.

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