Realty / Property System

Realty database listing is the heart of agency. It contains all the important information such as realty details, price for sell or rent, and the most important and confidential part, owner information. Realty agency company would like to have more control of these informations. By keep all this important information in Excel sometimes is not the practical and proper way. They will face problem when they want to search for listing.

Realty Property System Malaysia

With Realty / Property System, an realty agency company could have more controls on their sales agents. A tracking of user activities on your system would make you feel safe and confidential of your data. And you will also able to limit user daily access quota. Limit user access location with IP controls.

From the based of property system, an official company website of you could list out whatever realty listing that you choose to publish. And buyer could reach and contact the related agents.