Search Engine Optimization

SEO Malaysia

While there are innumerable web listed in the world, your customers are not automatically get look into your website except you publish it somewhere like your business card, advertisement media, social media..etc. Although there is search engine, your potential customers are not able to find you first due to there are a lot of competitors who have higher priority to be searched. Thus, SEO (Search Engine Optimization) helps to increase your website traffic, increase your website rank reputation, and increase the search result priority by focusing some related and important keyword of your business.

Keyword rich content

One of the key tools that search providers such as Google and Microsoft (Bing) employ to determine your rankings are “spiders”. A spider is a piece of software that crawls the web in a methodical, automated manner. They browse your website (and everyone else’s) to identify the actual copy written on the page along with things like use of key words and phrases. This data is then used to determine the relevance of your site when someone enters a keyword or phrase into Google, Bing or any other search engine.

With this in mind, you need to consider the search habits of your target audience, and ensure that the terms they might use to find your business are reflected on your pages. For example, if you offer physiotherapy services, your website content should include words or phrases that people may search for, such as “massage”, or specific problems such as “lower back pain”.

Keep it fresh

The rate at which search engine spiders crawl your site is in part determined by how frequently the content of your pages change. With this in mind, you may want to create a monthly task to change text, images, or add or remove pages, in order to ensure that your content is regularly updated.